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Thursday, May 19, 2016

What are you not showing?

Good question from Dale in California, who wants to know why I never show all the stuff I find during a beach or water hunt.
The main reason why I never post the junk (Including clad coins) is because I do not want to give the site away.
Certain finds are often found at the same site, making the site easily recognizable to full time beach or water hunters in an area.
Posting stuff that gives the site away would be like posting a smart phone photo of a beach with the location attached" Gary at West Palm Beach.
Another reason I only post my gold or interesting finds is because I figure who wants to see loads of crusty coins, keys, lead fishing weights or bottle caps.
The answer to that question is savvy beach or water hunters who recognize the condition and type of finds posted.
I know its a little hardcore, but there is a small army of people hunting my area beaches day and night and the ranks continue to swell.
You can be sure many of those people check out Facebook detecting groups and detecting forums for leads, I know because I do the same exact thing from time to time lol! 
This superb 1836 gold $5.00 coin and US military buttons, were recovered a few years back after I saw a post on a detecting forum with the name of the beach showing beach erosion and junk objects from the same time frame.

Recognizing the objects posted on the forum and the history of the beach, the information and opportunity was too good to pass up
I finished dinner grabbed my detector and headed out the door and the rest is history.
Although the original posters comment of "Nothing good at this beach" was completely incorrect as the next unusually high tide cut the dunes even further back.
The finds in the photo represent a very small part of the treasure trove of seminole indian wars era finds I recovered the following weeks at the eroded beach.
Alone and without posting of course, as I did not want to make the same mistake the original poster made.
On a funny side note, I saw a post by the same person saying it was not possible to recover these type of finds at the beach. 
If you do not want to end up on the wrong side of one of these stories, it is wise to make sure you never give too much away when posting your metal detecting finds.
One persons junk, can be another persons map to finding treasure if you know how to read the clues. 

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