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Monday, May 23, 2016

High and dry gold

I have been doing a lot of water hunting recently, but that does not mean I completely ignore the beach.
Roger a water hunter from Quebec sent me an email asking me if the dry sand was worth searching, and this 18K white gold ring with three really nice diamonds I recovered from the dry sand a couple of years ago should more than answer the question.

The morning I found this $5000.00 diamond engagement ring, I had intended to search inside the water. 
Arriving at the beach, I figured why not take myself off the food chain and wait until it was light before getting in the water.
After pottering around in the dry sand for an hour opposite a beach entrance, I entered the water with a gold ring in my finds pouch.
I have recovered far too many expensive rings on the beach to ever ignore the beach opposite places I intend to water hunt.
If I choose a site to water hunt at, I know theres a real good chance I can detect gold in the dry sand opposite. 
Many water hunters totally ignore the beach opposite water hunting sites, but I would never class myself as a water hunter. 
I class myself as a beach hunter, and the water just another area at the beach that includes the wet and dry sand. 
Searching the dry sand is easy, especially at tourist beaches when you pick a site within a site, instead of trying to cover too much of the beach. 
I prefer to use a little discrimination and my ears to find gold jewelry, relying on knowing gold is probably in the area and knowing the response to gold from my metal detector.
Sometimes I intend to water hunt but I never make it as far as the water, that is a testament to how productive the dry and wet sand can be.
Leaving a hot area is never a good idea, if your finding jewelry keep plugging away slowly.  
The morning I found the diamond ring in the photo, I ended up getting out of the water and expanding my search area in the dry sand. 
Not long after another beach hunter arrived and started to search in the area I recovered the expensive ring. 
I would say the dry sand is just as good as any area to recover gold at the beach, if you bother to search it. 

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