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Friday, April 1, 2016

How to increase Minelab Excalibur recovery speed

Rafa in Spain asks how to increase the recovery speed of his Minelab Excalibur, a question and answer that I hope is of use to all Excalibur users. 
Metal detector recovery speed is the time it takes your metal detector to detect another target after your search coil passes over a metal object.
The Minelab Excalibur has a slow recovery speed, but there are ways to combat a slow recovery speed and find treasure amongst trash. 
Another way of explaining recovery speed, is the time it takes your threshold ( Background noise) to return after detecting a target.
The Excalibur also has a built in iron mask feature when used in the Discrimination search mode and set in zero discrimination. 
That is important to know if you are an Excalibur user, especially if you are searching a tourist beach with a lot of corroding iron objects.
An ultra slow sweep speed will help increase the Excalibur recovery speed, or its ability to detect the following target.     
You are not actually detecting anything until you hear your threshold noise coming through your headphones.
The slower you sweep your search coil, the more often you will hear the threshold and the more targets you will detect. 
Using a small search coil will increase the Excalibur recovery speed even more, theres a very good reason why I love small search coils for jewelry hunting at trashy tourist beaches.
10 and 8 inch search coils swept really slowly, are just the ticket for jewelry and coin hunters at tourist beaches. 
Any larger search coil and you may miss even surface gold, being masked by other ferrous and non ferrous targets in close proximity to the gold.
I made my bones with the Excalibur at the beach, detecting jewelry missed by speedy beach and water hunters, using an ultra slow sweep speed and the right size search coil for the site being searched.
Give your Excalibur time to detect a target, time to recover and time to detect the following target. 
Once you hear enough gold tones like these immediately after detecting other targets, you know why increasing the Excalibur recovery speed is so important to having success as a jewelry hunter. 

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