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Sunday, April 3, 2016

50 / 50 beach and water hunting

Kate in Denver asks what percentage of time I spend searching on the beach and searching inside the water.
Thanks for the question Kate, and the short answer is I try to divide my metal detecting equally, between searching on the beach and searching inside the water, the long answer is the following.
The many emails I receive every week from frustrated jewelry hunters who are on extended streaks of not finding gold, are perfect examples of why it is important to be both a good beach hunter and a good water hunter.
Many people new to the hobby, think they have to be water hunters because "It is all in the water."
Once they start water hunting they are more likely not to bother beach hunting, as if somehow it is not worth it.
I see that a lot down here in Florida, and I love !! or more to the point my wife loves it when I continue to bring home diamond rings out the wazoo.
In my Hardcore Beach hunting book, you will see written "Good beach hunters make great water hunters, but the same cannot be said about water hunters"  and there are really good reasons for my statement.
Sound jewelry and coin hunting techniques are learned on the beach, and those sound jewelry and coin hunting techniques can easily be transferred and used to great success in the water.
Do you really think inside the water is the best place to learn all the nuances of your metal detector and jewelry hunting?
If you class yourself as a water hunter and you are on 20 hunt streak without finding gold, you need to get out of the water and try searching the beach.
The platinum and gold jewelry you see draped over my book cover, was found on the beach and inside the water.

My 50-50 approach to jewelry hunting,  insures I have a really good chance of detecting jewelry, because I have not boxed myself in doing just one type of jewelry hunting at the beach.
I refer to myself as a hardcore beach and water hunter, because I am not really bothered where I find what I am searching for at the beach, as long as I find it!
Fifty percent of the time I find what I am searching for on the beach, in my opinion its all on the beach and in the water.
To many water hunters, the only reason it is all in the water is because the water is the only place they search.
Think of beach and water hunting as having twice as much jewelry and coin searching ground to cover.
Now tell me again, why its a good idea to ignore the place where everyone spends the majority of their time at the beach?
The next time you get asked to find a piece of jewelry lost at the beach, the odds are probably 10-1 the jewelry was lost on the beach.

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