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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

People reading skill's

I rely heavily on being able to read the beach, but I also rely on knowing how people use the beach.
I often get asked what is the most productive area of the beach and where should you always head to first, if only it was that easy lol!
The beach is always changing,  people use many different areas of the beach, depending on the tides, climate or even day of the year.
So it makes treasure hunting sense for beach and water hunters to change treasure hunting tactics to avoid wasting time searching target free areas.
In my opinion, the number one mistake many beach and water hunters do is employing the same search tactics at every beach.
Yesterday afternoon I was driving along the a tourist beach road and pulled over for 20 minutes to watch several beach and water hunters doing their thing.
I recognized three full time beach and water hunters as I always see them at the same beach doing the same thing.
One guy way out in the low tide water walking in straight line, another guy quickly moving through the water in an east to west pattern, the third person walking in a straight line just inside the water.
Two other people were metal detecting in a straight line along the wet sand, five people metal detecting in a quarter mile stretch of tourist beach.
Then I checked out where the majority of people were actually using the beach, sunbathers, people standing and swimmers in the water.
The upper dry sand was the busiest area of the beach, the  towel line ( above the previous high tide line) was the second busiest and a few people occasionally walked into the water and walked back out onto the beach.
Yet all the beach and water hunters appeared to be doing the same things I regular see them doing in the same area whenever I pass this beach, without any tourist or beach goer actually being in the areas being searched.
To find jewelry and coins on a regular basis you have to search where people are likely to lose jewelry and coins at the beach.
I regular use my drives along beach roads and beach webcam recon to put myself in position to detect jewelry.
I consider reading people using the beach, just as important as being able to read the beach and water.
When is the last time you walked onto the beach with a metal detector and thought about where people are more likely to lose jewelry, or do you just search the same way regardless hoping to stumble across something good?
I even go as far as choosing my sites according to the age of people using the beach.
If you want to learn more about beach and people reading skill's I have a book called "How to read the beach and water" available on my website at or your local metal detector store.

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