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Monday, March 28, 2016

Covering the beach question

I never cover the whole beach, I pick a site at the beach and try to cover the site thoroughly. 
Derek from New York asked me how I manage to search the whole beach in my two or three hour beach or water hunts. 
I often refer to my beach or water hunts as "Power hunts" as I put all my efforts into completely hammering a site, not a beach.
It would probably take me several days to search a south Florida tourist beach, because I divide the beach into many different search areas.  
My beach and water reading skills tell me which area or site has the most potential after arriving and checking out a beach. 
I let the local beach or water hunters cover the beach, while I cover a site I believe has the potential to contain gold or silver jewelry.
You are not going to find diamond engagement rings like the ones in this photo, if you trying to cover the whole beach in one day. 

The diamond rings in the photo were detected using slow methodical search techniques and medium to small size search coils, all three rings came off productive sites at heavily hunted beaches. 
When you search beach sites instead of beaches, you detect more jewelry and coins.  
After finding thousands of pieces of platinum, gold and silver jewelry at the beach, I know where I am likely to find jewelry, unlike many speedy beach and water hunters who believe it is always just ahead.
I do not go to the beach for a long walk hoping to stumble across gold, I prefer to rely on site selection and detecting skills. 

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