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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Making the most of your area

Dimitri from Russia asks why I spend so much time beach hunting, instead of inland hunting, especially as I always say how important it is to be a good all around hunter. 
Coming from England I have certainly put my time in land hunting, but now I live in Florida I make the most of living close to so many tourist beaches. 
I always go out of my way to divide my metal detecting time equally between beach and water hunting. 
There are opportunities for me to land hunt in Florida, but that would involve too much traveling for my liking. 
Instead, I drive home my advantage of living close to the beach by searching for modern jewelry at tourist beaches. 
Plan B is always searching for old Spanish shipwreck artifacts on the Treasure coast, even though it is a five hour round trip drive. 
The grass is always greener to people hooked on metal detecting, but in my opinion it is always better to  put all your time and effort into searching for the stuff you can find in your area. 
I see many examples on the Internet of people recovering amazing finds in  all types of areas.  
The most successful searchers always seem to be the ones who know how to make the most of their areas.
In my opinion, making the most of your area is the key to being successful, no matter what  type of treasure you are searching for. 

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