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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gold chains and bracelets

Zack in Florida asks why I find so many gold chains and bracelets at the beach.
I have seen an increase in the amount of gold chains and bracelets I have been able to recover at the beach over the last few years. 
The main reason is because I put myself in position to find them, by going out of my way to search a wide variety of areas. You rarely see me rushing to over hunted sites looking for sloppy seconds, I much prefer to move around and try new sites. 
The big gold chains and bracelets I have found this year were easy shallow finds, with not another beach or water hunter in sight.  They were all recovered not far from tourist beaches that get hammered on a regular basis. 
So my answer to Zacks question is simple, it is because I bother to search beaches other people do not think are worth searching.
Every gold chain or bracelet I recover motivates me to keep moving and trying new sites.
Not having the same favorite spot as everyone else means you run across areas stacked with coins and jewelry.
If you are real lucky, there could be a heavy gold chain or bracelet waiting for you to detect. 

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