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Monday, March 7, 2016

Cherry picking targets at the beach

In my last jewelry post I referred to " Cherry picking" and several people asked me how I cherry pick targets.
When I go beach or water hunting at a tourist beach, I concentrate all my efforts towards finding gold or silver.  I am not really interested in clad coins or junk jewelry. 
I know many people like to keep coin counts, but that is not what I got into jewelry hunting for. 
Clad coins are a distraction, that help to mask jewelry at the beach. 
With so many beach and water hunting hours under my belt, I know the audio responses to all US clad coins within normal detection depth. 
I can easily hear the difference between a pull tab, a US nickel and a gold ring, but I still dig the pull tabs and nickels lol  
On Sunday morning I dug three nickels and seven ring pulls, guessing  right every time before digging them up.
I do not want to turn  this topic into an advert for my favorite metal detector company, but my choice of metal detectors is because of audio tones. 
I search beaches for gold and silver, not junk, so using a VLF metal detector that helps me to find those precious metals faster is important. 
When I cherry pick targets at the beach,  I concentrate on listening for high silver tones and low gold tones. 
Cherry picking good targets is a great way of maximizing beach hunting time for weekend warriors. 
A much better use of your valuable detecting time, than stubbornly digging every target just in case you miss one valuable target. 
When you have an ear for gold and silver, the gold and silver tones jump out at you, even if they are being partially masked by clad coins. 

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