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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Returning stuff

I was asked twice this week if I ever try to return stuff and the answer is yes all the time. One of the perks of the hobby of beach and water hunting is putting a smile on a strangers face who thought they would never see their stuff again. Every year I track down and return gold and silver class rings, cell phones, wallets etc lost by people at the beach. Just as many people approach me at the beach asking for help, you would not believe the bling I have placed in people's hands.  I look at returns as payback for the pounds of unidentifiable gold I have been lucky enough to find and keep. There are probably a dozen people on my Facebook friends list that are happy I know how to handle a metal detector at the beach. For every person who walked away with a gold wedding ring in their hand without even thanking me, there are many more people who's handshake, hug or teary eyed thank you made the return special. Another perk of trying to find and return people's stuff is all the good stuff you find while searching for the initial lost item.  A few years ago, I recovered three pieces of gold before recovering the gold ring I was searching for.  Picking up a good site that I still search to this day.

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