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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Balanced beach hunting

I was asked by Vanessa from Puerto Rico how to balance out her heavy waterproof metal detector, but unfortunately it is not possible because of its design. 
Using a metal detecting harness is the only option for Vanessa. 
Most people do not consider balance when buying a metal detector and end up struggling trying to swing a heavy metal detector at the beach.
I often see people struggling to use unbalanced or heavy metal detectors, the type that cannot be put on a straight  shaft, hip mounted or used any other way. 
A metal detecting harness is probably the only answer to using this type of metal detector for more than a few hours at the beach. 
If you struggle to use your metal 
detector because it is either too heavy or awkwardly balanced, your sweeping technique suffers. 
A poor sweeping technique means you will miss targets, as you are more concerned with your aching arm or shoulder, than keeping your search coil level. 
Ergonomics are important for beach hunters, especially during prime beach hunting conditions.
A person using a top or bottom heavy metal detector may have to head off the beach after a few short hours, no matter how deep or sensitive their metal detector is.
If beach hunting conditions are really good, the following day you run the risk of being at home nursing a sore arm or shoulder, instead of finding good stuff on the beach. 
In my opinion, you should use a metal detector for beach hunting that is balanced and comfortable to use. 
Or at the very least a metal detector that can adapted to be more balanced and comfortable to use.

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