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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Should you use headphones at the beach

Ruth in California asked if I always use headphones at the beach and the answer is yes always.
The main reason why I always wear headphones at the beach when I am metal detecting is so I can spend more time metal detecting than answering questions.
If you search tourist beaches, every time you get a signal you are asking for trouble not wearing your headphones.
Anyone within ear shot will want to know what you have found, or ask you what it is.
You can also pretend you cannot hear questions from inquisitive strangers when you are wearing headphones, a trick that works very well lol !
Wearing headphones is very important on the lower beach, especially on windy days.
The sound of wind and waves will prevent you from hearing whisper signals from deep targets in the wet sand.
I always recommend investing in a set of good headphones if you spend the majority of your time beach hunting.
The headphones that come with metal detectors are ok but, you will be surprised what a difference a nice set of headphones with extra cushioning make on the lower beach.
If the volume is too loud on your metal detector and becomes uncomfortable, look into buying headphones with volume controls.
On some metal detectors turning the volume control down results in losing depth or you missing deep targets because you had the volume turned down
Headphones with volume controls allow you to keep your metal detector volume maxed out, by turning your headphone volume down.
Another positive to wearing headphones,  you are also less likely to get chased down by other beach hunters if you have headphones on and look busy.
Nothing puts a dent in your beach hunting time like not wearing headphones at the beach, I try to keep mine on all the time.

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