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Friday, January 8, 2016

What make you decide to get into the water?

Todays question comes from Chris F, who wants to know how or why I decide to get into the water instead of searching the wet or dry sand.
First of all I am impressed by Chris knowing the beach has three main areas that can all be just as productive, many people only search one or two of the three main beach search zones. 
Unlike the majority of other treasure hunters, when I arrive at the beach with a metal detector I have not yet made up my mind where I intend to search.
I let the beach and water conditions tell me where and how to search, if the beach looks pants I think about water hunting.  
If I head into the water, it is normally because it looks the best option, I have either seen a interesting sand bar, rocky area, or a deeper section of water close to shore. 
Those are the main three things I look for because they are the leading source of lost jewelry in the water. 
People cannot resist being hit by waves washing over sand bars, or stumble and fall over rocks getting in and out of the water, or swim in deep water close to shore.
It is no secret people lose a lot of jewelry in the water, and if you know where to search in the water you can do well. 
Of course, it helps if you use a waterproof metal detector that gives you the option of searching inside the water. 
I know my local beaches like the back of my hand, I also know the lay out or features that are in the ocean close to shore, even if I cannot see them from the beach. 
When I get into the water I know what my chances of recovering jewelry are within 5 minutes, just by the feel of the sand under my feet.
If the dry sand, lower beach and water all look bad, I either move on or go home because nine times out of ten the closest beaches are just the same.
If you study your local beaches, it will make it easier for you to decide where you should start your search.
Get into the habit of watching people in the water, even if you are beach hunting. 
Sometimes, I get into the water to metal detect because I remember where I saw the most activity in the water on a previous trip to the beach.
Sometimes I am squeezed into water hunting, meaning people are already searching the beach, but the water is being ignored. 
That actually happened to me on new years day, this heavy platinum and 18K gold ring was worth the beating I took from the heavy surf. 

Why did I decide to water hunt,  because on this occasion I figured no other person is crazy enough to get in the water before sunrise.
Hey it worked and I probably found the best ring at the beach that new years day. 


  1. Gary do you test your finds/jewelry yourself or do you have a jeweler friend?

  2. Hi Nick I have an acid test kit and always test my own jewelry even if it is marked.