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Friday, January 8, 2016

How I search the "Money" line

Tony C asked a great question, how do I go about searching the high tide line.  
The reason why I think it is such a great question, is because in my opinion far too few beach hunters ever bother to search this very productive area on the beach. 
Water hunters and wet sanders love to wait to go to the beach two hours before low tide, dry sanders like to pull the night shift or go beach hunting early in the morning.
The high tide line is so often over looked, but not by wise beach hunters who know just how productive the "Money" line can be.
This 14K gold chain was recovered in the high tide line five weeks ago, 1.8 ounces of easy tourist beach hunting gold.

My favorite way of searching the high tide line is to be there at the peak of high tide, searching in a straight line where sand, shells, jewelry and coins are washing ashore. 
Using a metal detector with an average to small size search coil and using a little discrimination, as you do get a lot of light junk washing up along the high tide line.
Before last year my best find in the high tide line was a $5000.00 diamond ring, that personal high tide best was blown away with a $13.000.00 diamond ring a few months ago. 
I use metal detectors that do not false over soaking seaweed, very important as the high tide often washes a lot of seaweed ashore. 
Target depth is just not that important in the high tide line, so I have my metal detectors of choice set up for target separation over target depth 
At high tide you do not have to worry about the competition showing up, take your time and make your first walk over the high tide line count. 
If you use a metal detector with a screen, look away from the screen and keep your eyes along the high tide line.
You will be amazed at how many valuable objects wash up along the high tide line. 
The main two points of this answer to Tony's question are, go to the beach at high tide and treat the high tide tideline as a place where jewelry and coins are deposited. 
I not only search the last tide line, I seek out previous high tide lines which are often easy to spot on the lower beach.
If you would like my opinion on anything beach or water hunting related, leave a comment and I will respond to the questions in the order they are received. 
Happy treasure trails
Gary Drayton

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  1. I've never seen anyone working the "wrack" line. Not to say no one does, but I've never seen it. Most beach hunters I know hate seeing seaweed on the webcams as they believe it indicates the beach is sanding in. They will stay home. Perhaps it's your generous nature (or maybe you enjoy the notoriety), but I will say you've truly let the cat out of the bag with this one.

    Oy, matey, I've said too much already.