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Monday, January 11, 2016

Oak Island coins question

Dave S wants to know if I found any old gold or silver coins while searching on the famous Oak Island in Canada.
Unfortunately, I did not recover any gold coins during my time as a guest treasure hunter on Oak Island, but I did find several Canadian and English coins dating from the early 1800s and 1900s. 
This silver sugar or salt spoon handle is my favorite piece of silver detected on Oak Island, the silver smiths name is on the reverse and he was in business from the late 1700s to 1820. 
It must have been a nice status symbol back in the day, having a silver spoon with your monogram on the handle. 
This cool piece of old silver was detected on one very rainy day when only mad dogs and englishmen would be out in such torrential rain. 

If only this piece of silver could talk, it was recovered in a wooded area only a stones throw from the old Samuel Ball foundation. 
Samuel Ball was a freed slave who bought several acres of land on Oak Island in the late 1700s.
Old coins are neat finds, but the majority of times you are searching around old wooded areas you are far more likely to find buckles and buttons. 
I believe the reason why so many buckles and buttons are found is because of people answering the call of nature.
 Unfastening and dropping drawers every few hours probably account for all the buckles and buttons found in wooded areas. 
I assume coins in pockets get lost this way too, falling out while answering the call of nature. 
A little trick I used to do in England was detecting behind massive trees facing old tracks or roads. 
What better place to find old gold or silver coins that may have fallen out of unbuckled pants, while people answered the call of nature behind large trees.  
I used the exact same search trick on Oak Island along a clearly defined row of huge trees planted next to a trackway. 
I found the silver spoon handle,  several old copper coins and flat buttons from the 1700s, behind the tree line. 


  1. More info on the maker, and a similar spoon by him:

  2. Cool thanks for posting the information.