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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is it all metal detecting technique?

I received an interesting question from Juan from Argentina, who asked if you just need to have a good beach or water hunting technique to find jewelry and coins at the beach.
In my opinion, beach and water reading skill's are just as important as your metal detecting technique.
They should compliment each other and be the combined factor that put you on the jewelry and coin hunting road to success.
I probably spend more time looking at beaches, than metal detecting on them, especially when I know I have an upcoming opportunity to go beach or water hunting. 
With time spent searching a wide variety of beaches, you begin to learn what conditions on the beach increase your chances of recovering jewelry and coins.
Once you know what to look for, you can actively seek out certain areas at the beach likely to be better to search than other areas. 
I am not just talking about low spots, which detecting forum experts are so fond of having Juan base his whole beach hunting plans on. 
If there are no low spots or dips in the beach, and that is the only thing you look for it is probably not going to be a very productive beach hunt.
When the majority of beach or water hunters in an area are complaining about "Sanded in" conditions, the minority of beach or water hunters who can read a beach are probably still finding jewelry and coins. 
There is always something to find somewhere at any beach, when you know where you should invest your time metal detecting.
Going back to that combined effort, people using good basic metal detecting techniques in good areas of the beach have more success recovering jewelry and coins. 
Now would be as good a time as any for a shameless plug of my "How to read the beach & water"  book.  Available on my website, your local metal detector dealer, Amazon or Ebay. 

Talk of over hunted beaches and sanded in conditions is just talk when you know how to read the beach. 


  1. So many, know so little about effective use of their metal detector, and reading the signs in their environment to determine the optimum hunt areas, that a little reading would easily correct.

  2. Hi Ray In my opinion, beach reading skills are often overlooked, but they should not be as they are a very important part of beach and water hunting. Knowing how to read a beach helps you maximize your beach hunting time. Avoiding obvious dead targets areas on the beach.