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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A common beach hunting fail

Search coil control is often overlooked by beach hunters, but it should not be because keeping a level search coil helps with both target detection and target depth. 
In my opinion, the popularity of large search coils has increased the number of people I see raising search coils at the end of their sweeps. 
So too has certain heavy metal detectors, users struggling to sweep their search coils because of metal detector weight issues.
A well balanced metal detector is a must for anyone thinking of spending the day beach hunting. 
If you insist of swinging a heavy metal detector or search coil, try mounting the control box on a balanced straight shaft, hip / chest mounting the control box, or using a detecting harness. 
The metal detectors I prefer to use at the beach are all well balanced or can be mounted differently to make them well balanced. 
Raising your search coil at the end of each sweep may cause you to miss finds like this piece of 22K gold found on a Treasure Coast beach a couple of years ago. 

The ornate piece of jewelry came off a beach where two 1700s ships are known to have wrecked.
I detected the gold at the very end of a sweep, just as I have detected many other treasure coins and artifacts on Treasure Coast beaches. 
A few of the non equipment related flaws that lead to raised search coils, are detecting pace and how high your search coil is swept over the sand.
The faster your metal detecting pace, the more inclined you are to swing your metal detector shaft like a gold club. 
The closer to the sand you keep your search coil, the more difficult it is to raise your search coil at the end of each sweep.
Put the two together by reducing your detecting pace and keeping your search coil on the sand, the more treasure you will put in your finds pouch. 
Another important thing is making sure your search coil is level to start with, especially if you use a metal detector that has the search coil attached to the shaft at the rear of the search coil.
A tilted and raised search coil at the end of each sweep is double trouble to a beach hunter.
Learn to control the level of your search coil, it will help you to detect targets deeper and more importantly detect targets!

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