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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The giant sandy conveyor belt

Here are a few lines from my "Jewelry Hunting " book that may help improve your jewelry hunting chances at the beach.

Many beach hunters wrongly assume that all jewelry is lost in the water, but I strongly disagree having found thousands of pieces of jewelry on the beach. 
My theory is the lower beach is like a giant sandy conveyor belt, with tides moving jewelry up and down the beach like a push penny arcade game. 
I believe, jewelry lost in the water will eventually be thrown up onto the beach and jewelry lost on the beach will eventually be pulled down into the water. 
The sandy conveyor belt is the reason why I find Spanish treasure coins on the beach opposite Spanish shipwrecks on the Treasure Coast of Florida. 
Treasure coins scattered on the reefs, get pushed up onto the beaches during high surf. 
Treasure coins also get pulled out of the dunes and washed down into the water. 
The same thing happens to modern jewelry and coins lost in the water at the beach. 
I am certain you can find jewelry almost anywhere at the beach, from inside the water to the top of the beach. 
The next time you go to the beach, look for signs of previous high tide lines on the beach.
Previous high tide lines can be identified by lines of seaweed or shells running paralel to the shoreline. 
Any  previous high tide line may contain jewelry, just waiting for you to detect and scoop up. 
Once you start believing that it is possible to find jewelry anywhere on the beach, you will be less inclined to be a one-dimensional beach hunter. 
I class the beach as three separate but connected areas, the water, lower beach and upper beach. 

When you understand the connection between all three beach areas, you will understand why you can find almost anything anywhere at the beach.  

One of my best finds of 2015 is this two carat "Bobby Dazzler" detected in a previous high tide line.
You just never what may be waiting for you at the end of the sandy conveyor belt. 
My "Jewelry hunting" book is available on my website at amazon and metal detector stores. 

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