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Monday, December 7, 2015

More on keeping a level search coil

A correctly adjusted metal detector shaft will help you to keep your search coil level during the sweeping action.
It will also save you from back, shoulder and arm aches, allowing you to stay at the beach metal detecting longer.
I adjust my metal detector shaft differently for shallow water hunting than beach hunting.
In the water I prefer to have my metal detector shaft a little shorter, because I often use a snorkel and mask in water with good visibility.  
A shorter metal detector shaft balances out the natural bending and moving forward action of having your head in the water to see. 
You also get on better sweeping and scooping targets just in front of your feet in the water.
I actually search much slower in the water than on the beach, everything about my sweeping technique in the water is more condensed. 
On the beach I prefer to have my search coil a little further in front of me, using a wider sweeping arc.
As I am more likely to use a large search coil on the beach than in the water, the metal detector shaft is adjusted longer to help balance out the weight of a larger search coil and help me to cover a wider area. 
No matter if you are searching on the beach or in the water, a correctly adjusted metal detector shaft helps your sweeping technique and ultimately helps you to keep your search coil level through-out each sweep.
When I see "Golf swingers" at the beach, a metal detector shaft that is too short is usually the main reason for their search coil being six inches above the sand.
Little things often make a big difference in beach and water hunting, searching with your metal detector shaft set to a comfortable length is one of those little things.
If you are not comfortable, drill another hole in your metal detector shaft for your lower rod to fit into, or buy a "Tall man" lower rod. 
Another part of keeping a level search coil is having your search coil fastened to the lower rod tightly. 
Make sure the nylon bolt and nut is nice and tight, maybe its time to replace it if you have a floppy search coil.
From experience I can tell you that level search coils hugging the sand lead to great finds at the beach. 

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