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Monday, November 16, 2015

The money line

This weekend I found another gold chain along the place at the beach I refer to as the "Money line." 
On a heavily hunted tourist beach, it is not hard to figure out that this was a shallow target.
The surprising thing about the find was the lack of other beach or water hunters in the area, I had the place all to myself and for a couple of good reasons.
The surf was rough, so the full time "Its all in the water" hunters stayed at home and it was high tide so many of the "Two hours before low tide" detecting forum and detecting club members stayed at home.
High tide leaves a money line twice a day at tourist beaches all around the world, but many beach and water hunters still prefer to see more of the lower beach exposed before going coin or jewelry hunting.
The great thing about a high tide line can be that you do not have to cover so much area, you can just search along the high tide line.
Heck, you can even pick some really cool things up at the beach walking along a high tide line. 
Recently I have been restricted to being a weekend warrior, going metal detecting when I have the chance at the weekend. 
I cannot pick and choose my times now work has picked up, so I go regardless of the tide times.
The high tide should never be looked at as hinderance or negative thing, especially at a tourist beach. 
This 14K gold chain read 2 inches deep on my CTX 3030 target depth display, I saw part of the gold chain after pushing sand away from the area with my boot. 

I thought it may have been a pair of designer sunglasses and did not want to damage them with my scoop. 
This also goes to show how jewelry and coins are washed up and deposited along a tourist beach high tide line. 
If you are lucky enough to be there at high tide you could take home some freshly deposited gold from the money line. 
My favorite way of searching the money line is in a straight line, using a metal detector that is not effected by water rushing over the search coil or effected by soaking seaweed washed up on the high tide line. 
The money line has been very good to me, I have found everything from Spanish treasure coins, to modern gold bling,  designer sunglasses and paper money. 
In my opinion, the more rules you set for yourself when jewelry and coin hunting at the beach, the more jewelry and coins you leave behind for other people. 

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