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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Detecting bands at the beach

For a beach hunter searching for jewelry, wedding bands should be some of the easiest pieces of jewelry to detect at the beach.
The conductivity and shape of platinum or gold bands, make them easier for your metal detector to detect.  
I tune my metal detectors to detect thin platinum and gold bands, which can be both shallow or deep targets depending on the weight of the band.
The platinum and gold bands in this photo where all found within a three month beach and water hunting period last year.

I scrap several ounces of gold jewelry every quarter and the majority of the scrap pile gold is always bands, or what I like to refer as "Bread and butter" gold finds.
Tuning your metal detector to detect thin gold bands will insure you detect large gold bands.
When is the last time you experimented with your metal detector settings at the beach? 
Take a thin gold band in a small plastic bag to the beach, lay the bag on top of the sand and see what metal detector settings help you to detect the thin gold band.
If you cannot detect a thin gold band you are not going to have a chance of detecting highly sought after solitaire diamond engagement rings. 
Check out my finds page on my website and you will see what you are missing, as many expensive diamond rings are all expensive diamond mounted on a relatively thin platinum or gold bands. 
A good combination of ladies rings with stones and bands of all sizes means you are detecting a wide range of jewelry.
Your metal detector settings are set up correctly if you are able to detect small and large jewelry. 
If you scroll through my website finds page or previous FB posts, you will see all shapes and sizes of platinum, gold and silver jewelry.  
The type of jewelry that have detecting forum members reaching for the Pepto-bismol and leaves the local competition scratching their heads.
Making sure your metal detector is set up to detect thin and small pieces of gold jewelry, will also give you a chance of detecting broken bands. 
You may be surprised to know what a different audio response you will get from a band with a broken resizing or solder point.
If you have a broken band, put it in a small plastic bag and take it to the beach to see how your metal detector responds to it. 
In closing, strive to detect a wide variety of all shapes and sizes of jewelry, by making sure your metal detector is set up to detect small gold.  

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