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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No set search pattern or set beach hunting time

These two things set me apart from many other beach or shallow water hunters. 
I never know how I am going to search at the beach until I get there and I never look at tide charts, even when I go water hunting.
Already knowing how you are going to search a beach before you get there, assumes you are going to do the same thing you do at every beach. 
Timing your beach or water hunts to coincide with low tide, assumes you are only going to search the wet sand or shallow water. 
Also notice how I say beach and water hunting, unlike many people who only search one or the other. 
Using different search patterns to suit the conditions present and arriving at the beach regardless of the tide, will insure you cover different areas at the beach.
I cannot say I have found more jewelry and coins in one area of the beach than any other area of the beach. 
Because I do not wait until two hours before low tide to hit the beach, the tides often work in my favor forcing me to search an area I may otherwise have ignored.
If you search heavily hunted beaches, this is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. 
The majority of the competition on a heavily hunted beach will show up to detect two hours before the next low tide.
Many empty finds pouches are self inflicted, you snooze you lose when jewelry or coin hunting at the beach. 
You also handicap yourself by not straying from your search comfort zone, same time, same area, same style beach or water hunting usually end with the same result. 
In my opinion, there are set ways or set times to search a beach with a metal detector. 
more like a set of guidelines as Jack Sparrow would say. 

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