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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sites within a beach site

Living in south Florida, I need to make my beach and water hunting time count as I search at very heavily hunted beaches.
One of the ways I come away from beaches with gold jewelry is using my knowledge of local beaches.
I walk off beaches with gold jewelry on a regular basis, but ironically I do not do a lot of walking.
I prefer to select my sites carefully, often finding the site within a site is more important than the actual beach you search.
Anyone can select a site to go beach or water hunting, but not everyone can figure out where they have the best chance of recovering jewelry within the site.
Two things have always helped me to stay one step ahead of the competition on heavily hunted south Florida beaches,  keeping my productive sites within a site a secret and hard work.
Every beach has a few sites that are always more productive than the rest of the beach.
When you know where they are, you can continue to plunder them whenever they are ready for mining.
This past weekend I searched two busy beaches and I recovered a couple of pieces of gold jewelry at each beach.  The gold was recovered from sites within a site I knew from previous experience gave me the best shot at recovering gold.
My low tide beach hunts were hectic last weekend, as both sites within sites I chose to search held a lot of targets.
Relying on local beach knowledge and former jewelry hot spots at the beach should help prevent you from returning home empty handed.
Knowing one or two productive sites at every beach you visit is a heck of an advantage over the competition. 
It will save you from having to walk or wander around without a plan, especially when prime beach or water hunting situations come along. 
For example, last Saturday morning the long tourist lower beach looked the same from the upper beach.
I decided to try three hot spots that have been very good to me on previous trips to this beach, but I did not get past the first hot spot as it was not worth moving on when I started pulling up coins and jewelry. 
I saw five other guys metal detecting in the distance and I remember thinking how lucky I was not having to walk the entire length of the beach, and spend all day at the beach to find gold. 
As my jewelry finds show, its not how far you walk or how long you hunt, its how many pieces of jewelry you scoop up.

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