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Monday, September 28, 2015

A tale of two diamond rings

These two platinum and gold diamond rings appraised for a cool $23.000.00 and they were found using the same metal detector but in two very different areas of the beach. 

I do things differently to the main beach and water hunting advice passed around on internet metal detecting forums, you can probably see that the jewelry I pull off the beach and out of the water on a regular basis. 
I doubt you would see many detecting forum experts telling you to go jewelry hunting at high tide, or go water hunting at beaches that see few people swimming, but that is exactly why these two chunks of ice are now resting in a safety deposit box at the bank.
The platinum Tiffany ring with 1.5 carat diamond was found last year at a small beach entrance that water hunters would barely notice on their way to hunt with the detecting crowds at a popular tourist beach. 
It was found using a waterproof pulse induction metal detector with an eight inch mono search coil,  designed more for hunting for small gold nuggets than gold jewelry, but it detects plenty of small pieces of gold jewelry too.
Finding platinum jewelry using a pulse induction metal detector with an 8-inch mono search coil at a quiet out of the way beach, would be considered water hunting blasphemy on the detecting forums.  The 14K gold ring with 2 carat iceberg was found earlier this summer in the high tide line at high tide using the same Minelab SDC 2300 pulse induction metal detector, another case of beach hunting blasphemy. 
Two very different jewelry hunting strategies that went against the usual beach and water hunting grain, but worked like a charm.
When I go beach or water hunting, I go out of my way to try different things and hopefully recover something good.
I never go to the beach and do the same thing every time I go metal detecting,  there are just too many variables to search the same way at every beach. 
In my opinion, it is better to go beach hunting where ever and when ever, as nothing is ever predictable trying to detect a gold ring or a coin in a wide open sandy space. 
Setting yourself apart from the beach hunting crowd is a great way to insure you do not endure slumps or long droughts between finds at the beach.  
The more rigid you stick to the same "Ground hog day " style beach or water hunting plan, the longer you will go between finds.

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