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Thursday, October 8, 2015

What competition?

This diamond encrusted 18K gold chain was part of a four ounce haul of gold I recovered one morning a few years ago. 

The tourist beach this bling came off is heavily hunted day and night, but luckily for me everyone says "It's all in the water." 
It was still dark when I walked onto the beach, but several people were already beach and water hunting with headlamps on. 
After a couple of hours I decided to move to a beach closer to home and made my way back to the point I had entered the beach. 
As I usually do, I decided to search a few yards past the place I first walked onto the beach.
The gold chain was waiting for me and my quirky habit of searching a few yards past the place I walked onto the beach paid off, again!
It was still early in the morning when I hit the local beach, but not too early for other beach and water hunters. 
Two guys were searching the wet sand and two people were water hunting, I figured I had put an hour on the parking meter I may as well stay. 
I was squeezed in between the two water hunters searching in deeper water and the wet sanders.
My first signal in the water was a yard of 14K gold chain, 36 inches of gold wrapped around my scoop basket.
I put the 2.5 ounce gold chain in my finds pouch, turned my metal detector off and walked back to my van. 
It may sound crazy, but I always wanted to do that, find something good and just walk off the beach lol! 
Four ounces of gold chain in just over 2 hours of beach and water hunting, at two different heavily hunted beaches. 
Now you know why I smile when people moan about competition, I have no competition as it is just me, my metal detector and a quest to find gold.
Which brings me to the point of this blog, the only competition you really have is the ocean and sand hiding the gold. 

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