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Monday, September 21, 2015

Following signs to recover gold in the water.

This past weekend I ran across an area in the water that held a lot of green encrusted coins. 
Anytime you start recovering "Greenies" you have a good chance of recovering silver coins or gold jewelry. 
Saturday morning was no exception, after scooping up a handful of encrusted coins and fishing weights I pulled up an encrusted 10K gold ring.  

The hard packed sand that held the coins, fishing weights and rings could not be seen in the water, it was covered over with approximately six inches of sand. 
The darker and deeper water was the only visible clue from the lower beach, the trough was created by a combination of wind and waves opposite an area with older condos. 
Many Florida beach and water hunters ignore beaches with high rise condos, in favor of tourist areas where other beach and water hunters flock to. 
I like the sight of gold jewelry too much to just search the same sites over and over again. 
The trough or trench, was about 10 ft wide by 100 feet long and the hard bottom under the fluffy sand contained more coins and jewelry than pull tabs, bottle caps and other lightweight trash.  I recovered two other gold rings, five silver rings, three junk rings and very little trash in 2.5 hours. 
There were actually three excellent jewelry hunting signs at the water hunting site on Saturday morning. 
A narrow strip of darker water running paralel to shore, lead fishing weights and green coins. 
Any one of those gold signs can help you be successful, all three signs scream do not walk area from the area. 
I swung by the same site on the way to work this morning, just like that the site was sanded in.
You often only have a small window of opportunity between tides to make the most of a good water hunting situation.
I hammered the site in my allotted metal detecting time and came away with some goodies.

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