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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekend beach or water hunting

Patience can be golden if you time your beach or water hunting correctly over a weekend.
Many beach and water hunters who search tourist beaches, blow their chances of finding gold by hunting too early. 
The whole point of searching a beach over a weekend is to take advantage of the higher than normal amount of people using the beach. 
I pride myself in having good timing, hitting the beach to maximize my chances of finding something good, especially over a long holiday weekend. 
In my opinion, the longer you put off going beach or water hunting over a weekend the better your chances of being successful. 
Over a weekend with good weather, using a metal detector at the beach is often a numbers game.
Searching on a Saturday morning is probably the worst time to go metal detecting, Sunday night is probably the best time to go metal detecting.  
 It stands to good reason you will have more chances of finding jewelry after two full crowded beach days, than searching just as the weekend is getting started. 
I checked out a few beach web cams before writing this blog, several local beaches in my area had multiple people metal detecting on the beach and in the water at high tide. 
No doubt, the majority of those beach and water hunters will be frustrated and go home empty handed. 
Just waiting until later on Saturday would have considerably increased their jewelry hunting chances at the beach. 
Searching at the end of a crowed beach day is obviously better than searching before anyone has had a chance to lay their towels on the sand. 
On heavily hunted beaches, the weekend can be the big equalizer for a weekend warrior competing against full time beach or water hunters in the same area. 
Believe me, I have used timing my beach hunts to reroute many a valuable piece of jewelry to my finds pouch for years. 
Beating the "Two hours before low tide" hunters to the punch and beating the "Same place same time" hunters to the jewelry.  Look at weekend treasure hunting as a marathon, not a sprint to the beach. 
This is one of my favorite Sunday afternoon finds, I wonder how many people combed the same beach with a metal detector the day before. 
One ounce gold coin ring with 40 rocks, as they say on Seinfeld yes they are real and spectacular! 

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