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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What happened to the gold chain?

Two years ago in April, I was admiring this heavy gold Mariners cross with diamonds laying in the bottom of my scoop.

Three hours later I was scratching my head wondering why I could not find the gold chain the superb two tone gold pendant was attached to.
Todays blog is to remind beach and water hunters to never walk away from any area you find a gold pendant, because you never know if a gold chain in the same area. 
Although I never recovered the gold chain this beauty came off, I know I gave myself every opportunity to find it.
There are three things you can do to give yourself a chance of recovering gold chains without pendants.
Stay in the area you found the pendant, use no discrimination and slow down your search.
The first thing I did after finding this gold pendant was look up at the beach for a marker, to help me locate the area if I had to leave and resume the search for the gold chain.
I then changed search modes, from using discrimination to searching in the all metals mode.
I scooped any target that made even a slight change in my threshold ( Back ground noise) because I know gold chains are very difficult to detect without pendants attached.
The last part of searching slowly I did not have to adjust to, as I always search sites slowly and methodically.
Every year I find several gold chains without pendants, but to be honest I am still waiting to discover a gold chain that I can say a gold pendant I recovered first was attached to. 
I believe that some gold pendants are a weak link and break off the gold chain at the pendant hanger, which is often too small for the size of the pendant. 
I find three or four times as many silver pendants, so Im pretty sure pendant hangers are the reason why so many pendants are lost off gold and silver chains. 
But that will not stop me from searching for gold chains any time I find a gold pendant, one day I am going to leave the beach looking like Mr T instead of Mr D. 

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