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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Keeping an eye on your favorite beach and water hunting sites

I checked out a site I intend to search this weekend on the beach webcam, it is one of my favorite full moon water hunting sites. 
This site is barely visible on the webcam, but I saw enough information on the north beach cam and the surf predictions to say I will probably score some gold or silver jewelry there when I go water hunting. 
Browsing beach cams is one of the best ways a weekend warrior can get an idea of the best site or sites to hit over the weekend. 
I have been on a pretty impressive run of luck this year, finding gold or platinum every time I have been beach or water hunting, I believe the last time I did not find a piece of gold or silver jewelry was in late 2014. 
That is not including the times I take a metal detector to the beach for testing purposes, yes I still take test targets and test all my metal detectors on a regular basis. 
Because my beach and water hunting time has been limited to weekends this year, I have relied on the beach cams and knowledge of my local beaches to maximize my chances of finding gold. 
I have also taken a few chances, hitting beaches I have never detected or rarely detected. 
In these type of situations you have to rely on your beach reading skills and equipment choices. 
If your beaches have no webcams, internet detecting forums and Facebook are good ways of seeing who is finding what and where. 
People love to post their finds and regular finds posters are not hard to track down. 
You can even tell where people are finding jewelry by the trash targets they post with their good stuff. 
If you know a serial finds poster in your area,  you can use their finds posts to help you narrow your site selection choices down.
The 1836 gold coin on the finds page on my website was found after reading a post on a detecting forum. 
I knew the unusual trash target posted along with a good find was often found at this one beach. 
That night and many more nights after work, I hit the beach under cover of darkness and made some incredible finds, thanks to a photo on a detecting forum. 
There are plenty of ways to keep an eye on your favorite beach and water hunting sites,  especially if you are a weekend warrior. 
I even found one nice ring this year after seeing a story on the local TV news about rip currents, I recognized the beach and hit the water with my metal detector where the unusual surf was filmed. 

Opportunity knocks for a beach or water hunter who knows where and when to search. 

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