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Monday, March 30, 2015

It pays to try different sites

This year I have been mostly limited to being a "Weekend warrior" going jewelry hunting for a few hours over the weekend. 
Although my metal detecting has been limited, it has not stopped me from trying new sites.
I am never afraid to strike out on my travels to discover a new potential jewelry hunting spot. 
This past weekend I found nearly 2 ounces of gold jewelry, 3 ounces of silver jewelry and some spiffy sunglasses at a site I always thought could be a little gold mine. 

The beach was nearly a mile walk from the closest public beach access, quite a hike with a metal detector in one hand and a scoop in the other. 
It is a beach opposite a private beach club, you are not allowed to use the beach but according to Florida law they cannot stop you from being in the ocean. 
Saturday morning I stuck close to shore in rough surf and scored an 18K Cartier wedding band and a 14K wedding band, as well as several pieces of silver and junk jewelry and a pocket full of coins. 
It looked like this stretch of beach had not seen a metal detector in a long time, and I took advantage of the situation. 
I told my wife on Saturday night that I would have loved to detect further out in the water, but the surf was too rough and the tide was coming in. 
Playing a hunch about that dark colored area close to the sand bar, I hiked to same spot on Sunday morning for the low tide. 
After getting in the water, my first find in the deep pocket of water next to the sand bar was a copper bangle bracelet, followed by several large encrusted lead fishing weights and keys.  
Two very good signs for a water hunter, I was obviously searching a good hole in the water. 
Four straight silver rings got me even more excited, a few coins later I heard my sweet customized  CTX 3030 gold tone. 
I had a good feeling I was going to be looking at gold in my scoop because of the lack of lightweight aluminum trash targets in the area. 
That custom CTX 3030 gold tone turned out to be an awesome looking 1.3 ounce 14K gold bracelet. 
The new jewelry hunting site is now in the Drayton X files, another spot to plunder when the time is right. 
Put the hunt in treasure hunt, try hunting different sites as you may be surprised how much gold you can find away from the over hunted sites everyone heads to over the weekend. 

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