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Monday, April 27, 2015

Hidden beach access points

Sunday morning I checked out a place I often stop and let people cross the road to get to the beach, I know the timeshare resort across the street from this beach has a lot of Canadians staying there year round. 
I had to park down the road and walk to this spot, stepping onto the lower beach I had high hopes of finding jewelry because I saw a lot of rocks in the water.
Hard bottoms trap jewelry and coins, and the shallow waters opposite the beach entrance had plenty of both.
About two hours into the three hour hunt, I saw a flash of a ring falling out of the top of my scoop basket. 
I could see the ring laying on the rocks through the clear water, after picking it up I knew by the weight it was either white gold or platinum and the stones looked good. 
Plat 950 inside the band was a nice sight for a sunday morning water hunt with my Minelab Excalibur. 

All the coins in the area told me that the place does not get hit with a metal detector very often. 
The jewelry count was heavy on the silver side, no gold, but one good platinum ring. 
These are the kind of places you find and add to your site rotation list, assuming you have one. 
I did quite well hitting small beach entrances last year, less competition for jewelry and they can be searched and cleaned out fairly quickly. 
I do not get into expanding search areas at small sites, preferring to use hit and run tactics and hedge my jewelry hunting bets on hitting two or three small sites in my allotted metal detecting time. 
I usually go beach or water hunting for two or three hours, my strategy is to hit a site and hit it hard. 
Better to burn out then to fade away, I never did get into the whole having to hunt all day to find jewelry thing. 
If it is not happening after three hours, it usually is not going to happen when it comes to jewelry hunting. 
Everything you need to know about the jewelry hunt, you can pretty much guess during the first 10 minutes after starting metal detecting. 
That is why site selection is so important, select a site and have a good back up you can travel to quickly, just in case it all turns pear shaped. 
Find yourself a few small out of the way hidden honey holes, you may be surprised how much stuff you find where other people rarely search. 

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