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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hail Mary finds

I have quite a few nice finds I refer to as "Hail Mary" finds, last minute digs that saved me from going home from the beach empty handed.
This "Bobby Dazzler" ring recovered several years ago on a tourist beach, put a smile on my face after spending the previous three hours going without a signal on a Treasure Coast beach.

I decided to swing by a beach that I had a 100% gold jewelry hunting success rate at, no matter how many times I went to this beach I always found at least one piece of gold jewelry.
The day I recovered the diamond ring pictured above, I found two pennies and the gold ring on the very last sweep as I headed off the beach for the long drive home.
This has happened on several occasions now, both on the beach and in the water so I make a point of always metal detecting as I walk off the beach.
Last year I found a really nice gold chain doing the same thing and this leads me to a very interesting point.
If you only water hunt or search the lower beach, you miss out on some pretty nice pieces of jewelry.
Easy finds for jewelry hunter's who are not so hung up on searching only one area of the beach.
Back in England, I always used to keep my metal detector on and not turn my metal detector off and raise my search coil until I was out of a field.
The same applies to searching your way onto the beach, it was around this time last year when I recovered one of my best diamond engagement rings of 2014.
I walked onto the beach, turned my metal detector on and was working my way down towards the water and I hear the sound of an 18K gold ring with three big ice cubes rattling around in the bottom of my scoop.
I know many wet sanders and water hunters wait until they get on the wet sand or in the water before turning on their metal detectors, but I have found far too many expensive pieces of jewelry heading to and away from intended search areas to be so predictable.
I used to put many hail mary jewelry finds down to luck, but the same thing often happened to me on deserted Treasure Coast shipwreck beaches, finding silver treasure coins well away from the water. 
Now I know better, these type of finds were recovered because I was still sweeping my search coil. 
Your not going to walk off a beach smiling if you always turn your detector on and off at the waters edge. 

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