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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

After hours jewelry hunting

Many beaches have areas that are off limits to swimmers or sun bathers during normal beach hours, but just because areas are not busy during the day they can still be little gold mines if you take the time to search them. 
Far too many beach or water hunters hone in on crowded areas of the beach and ignore lesser used areas at the same beach. 
I always check out areas of the beach that are less likely to be attractive to other beach or water hunters. 
Areas on the edge of heavily hunted places,  or areas that are off limits to swimmers and sun bathers during normal beach hours. 
I do a lot of my beach and water hunting after normal beach hours and I search a lot of different beaches. 
Early in the morning or late at night, it is sometimes impossible to tell where the busiest section of a beach is. 
I kind of like not knowing where I should search,  as it often puts me over a jewelry hunting spot I would probably not have discovered if I had seen a crowded section and been lured by the appeal of more people equals more lost jewelry. 
These gold finds were recovered last year before the lifeguards arrived at the beach to put the warning cones out saying no swimming in the area. 

A you can see by the jewelry I found in knee to waist deep water close to the pier,  people swim, play and lose jewelry after normal beach hours. 
Even though I know this beach is hit hard by other beach or water hunters, the pier is just looked at as a turn around point.
Just like the last line of sun beds on a crowded beach, the last lifeguard tower at the end of the beach, or the last beach entrance at the beach.
Take advantage of the competition, by searching areas at the beach ignored by people using metal detectors. 
Nine times out of ten, you will recover more targets in those areas than the heavily hunted areas everyone with a metal detector is lured to.

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