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Monday, March 23, 2015

Knowing when to move on to the next site

This weekend was a good weekend for jewelry hunting, I had a three hour water hunt on Saturday before dawn and a two hour afternoon low tide wet sand hunt on Sunday.
My total jewelry finds were one platinum & 18K gold ring with a 3/4 carat diamond, one silver and gold ring, one 18K wedding band and 6 silver rings, I lost track of the junk jewelry.
Even though I only went metal detecting a total of five hours I kicked jewelry hunting butt, although knowledge of my local beaches had a lot to do with my success this weekend.
I recovered the heavy 0.7 ounce platinum and gold ring at a site I recovered a heavy platinum band a short while ago,  I recovered the other two gold rings at a different local beach.

The high end jewelry was found at a beach with a high end hotel, the other gold rings were found in the wet sand opposite a beachside condo.
This is the reason why I like to search a high number of beaches, and the reason why beach or water hunters I do know and meet say "Hey I have not seen you for ages"
I like that kind of greeting and could not imagine being known as the guy who always hunts that spot.
When you move around hitting different beach sites, you always find a wide variety of jewelry.
Walking off the beach on Saturday morning, I checked out a small site on the way home that I knew I was going to be at on Sunday afternoon. 
It looked good and I returned Sunday afternoon and found gold, as I have on many previous occasions.
Many beach or water hunters would have returned to the same site they found a platinum & 18K band, but thats just not me.
I hit that site hard and it was time to move onto the next jewelry hunting site, you have to have confidence in your coverage skill's.
In my opinion, the worst mistake a jewelry hunter can make is looking at sites through rose tinted glasses.
Just because you found something nice, does not mean you can go back straight away and have success again.
Try moving on to a different beach, get busy scooping targets instead of covering ground you have already recently searched. 

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