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Sunday, February 1, 2015

You never know unless you go.

I hit the beach yesterday afternoon, even though my local beaches have been pretty sanded in recently. 
Seaweed washed up on the lower beach and sinking in the wet sand to your ankles is never a good sign for a beach hunter. 
The reason I chose this beach was because of the high end hotel located near the beach entrance and rough surf for several days had stopped people from going in the water.
No doubt, those same choppy seas had kept die hard water hunters from searching the area too. 
Because of the surf and wet sand conditions, I searched the area just above the previous high tide line. 
Targets were few and far between, a few coins and a couple of deeply buried tin cans.
Between the beach cleaning tractor and the sand being pushed up onto the beach, I had to be very lucky to find anything of value. 
The large 17-inch search coil on my Minelab CTX 3030, at least gave a chance of finding stuff in the fluffy sand. 
About an hour into the 90 minute lower beach hunt, I got lucky and spotted a glint of gold and a colored stone in the bottom of the hole, instead of the tin can I expected to recover. 
I pulled the iphone out of my pocket and took a few photos of what I presumed to be a class ring.
Wrong guess again, it was an 18K gold ladies ring with what I believe to be a large amethyst stone. 

A gold ring in such great condition is obviously a fresh drop, it is just the type of jewelry you would expect to find on a beach used by people staying at a high end hotel. 
I would be lying if I said I had high hopes of finding jewelry, but because my detecting time has been very limited this year I needed to go detecting when I had the chance. 
Unlike other local beach and water hunters, I go detecting regardless of the conditions or the tide times. 
The gold ring I recovered yesterday is why you should always keep plugging away, even if you know the chances of finding jewelry is going to be slim. 
You never know unless you go, even on sanded in beaches. 

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