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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Full moon beach or water hunting

It seems like every month I am writing about full moon beach or water hunting, ummm I wonder why?  
Maybe its because more real estate on the lower beach is exposed during the extra low tides. 
These two 18th century shipwreck artifacts, are full moon Treasure Coast beach hunting recoveries. 

They were found about 50 yards apart, but on two different full moons, which happens quite a lot with me. 
I found two large Spanish military buckles from the 1700s on another beach, same site and one full moon apart. 
Once you recover an interesting find on an old shipwreck beach, you have a very good chance of finding more interesting finds at the same site in the future. 
The hand made bronze ship spike is curved but intact, with the arrow head point and thick square head. 
The lead disc is one end of an 18th century cannon projectile known as an "Angel" you can still see where an iron bar or chain attached to it.  The bar or chain with two end pieces would have been fired from a cannon to take out a ships rigging. 
Whether you are a modern jewelry hunter, or shipwreck artifact hunter, you should be howling at the full moon if you have any productive beach or water hunting sites. 
The last couple of years I have done really well hitting offshore coral ledges, finding a lot of old gold class rings, but unfortunately the coral ledges are now covered over in a thick layer of sand. 
This afternoon I was scouting locations closer to shore,  I saw some very interesting areas on the lower beach I intend to search this weekend. 
Another good thing about the full moon, is not having to turn your flashlight on at night. 
Nothing beats the glint of gold in the moonlight, unless of course its a Spanish silver reale. 

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