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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rough surf and jewelry hunting

Yesterday I had a chance to go metal detecting for a couple of hours in rough surf at a tourist beach. 
I took my Minelab Excalibur II and searched close to shore, hoping to find jewelry shaken loose from people by the crashing surf. 
Rough surf is one of the best times to recover bracelets and chains on tourist beaches, as people jump up in the water to meet crashing waves. 
The 14K gold bracelet in this photo was my only jewelry find of the two hour low tide water hunt, just the type of jewelry I went searching for. 

I would say the last two pieces of gold jewelry I have recovered, were due to the recent rough south Florida surf. 
A large gold amethyst ring pushed up on a previous high tide and this bracelet lost close to shore. 
Metal detecting in rough surf is hard work, but there are three things that make rough surf hunting easier. 
A good waterproof metal detector, a long handled scoop with a stainless steel scoop basket and a zippered finds pouch. 
These three pieces of treasure hunting equipment, will insure you detect, recover and secure targets.
I often prefer to use my Excalibur II in rough surf, when the advantages of being able to read multiple target ID features on my CTX 3030 display screen are taken away. 
A long wood handle scoop with a stainless steel basket helps me to recover targets quickly, unlike a lighter aluminum scoop that moves around in the surf making target recovery more difficult. 
The zippered finds pouch is easy to open and close in rough surf, the last thing you want to be doing in rough surf is struggling with velcro closing pockets. 
Your choice of jewelry hunting equipment makes a difference when metal detecting in rough surf, so does knowing what to expect to recover and knowing where and why those targets are probably lost. 
The next time you go to a tourist the beach with rough surf, see how many people stand in the shallows jumping up into pounding surf. 
Think of all those gold bracelets and chains getting violently shaken around, and dont forget to take your surf hunting equipment. 

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