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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to find big rings

Heres a fool proof method of searching for big gold or platinum rings at the beach,  don't go looking for them! 
I find several really big diamond encrusted platinum or gold rings every year, but I never go looking for them.
Instead, I concentrate on finding small pieces of gold jewelry like stud ear rings and chains without pendants. 
My beach and water jewelry hunting strategy is simple, if you can find the small stuff, the big stuff will take care of itself. 
A good variety of jewelry hunting finds is proof that you have your metal detector fine tuned, it is also a sign you search a good variety of different beach sites. 
I have recovered a wide variety of metal detecting finds with my Minelabs in Florida,  1600 & 1700s Spanish treasure, 1800s Seminole Indian war relics, early 1900s to modern coins and jewelry. 
This heavy mans platinum ring with diamonds is the type of find you can find on a tourist beach, when you just concentrate on searching for smaller finds. 

I never get frustrated recovering small pieces of lead, silver ear ring backs or fishing trace wire.
Because I know when my search coil passes over a piece of platinum or gold jewelry, I am more than likely going to go home with it. 
Sometimes it fits like a glove and you get to wear a trophy find, a reminder of how important it is to test a variety of small pieces of jewelry with your metal detector at the beach. 
Read and reread your metal detector manual, but nothing beats taking a few small pieces of difficult to detect jewelry and seeing what your metal detector can really do. 
When your metal detector is fine tuned to detect those small test targets, you never have to worry about not finding big gold targets. 

Or in this case, a big platinum and diamond target. 

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