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Thursday, February 26, 2015

High tide beach hunting

Heres a photo of a beach at high tide,  just in case you are a beach hunter who is wondering what the beach looks like at high tide. 

I rarely see other people with metal detectors on the beach at high tide, quite surprising when you consider the three lower beach hot spots in this photo. 
The three really good lower beach jewelry and coin hunting areas are, the towel line, high tide line and wet sand. 
All three areas of the lower beach can be very productive for jewelry and coin hunting, if you bother to show up to metal detect on the beach at high tide. 
Now most tourist beaches around the world are detected on a daily basis, why the heck would anyone wait until two hours before low tide to go metal detecting? 
The Minelab CTX 3030 in the photo is a good choice of metal detector for searching the lower beach, which is constantly changing thanks to the low and high tides. 
A good multi frequency metal detector will allow you to move freely between the wet and dry sand without suffering false signals or behaving erratically.
This smooth metal detector operation is also important when seaweed has washed up along the high tide line. 
Even on dry sand along a previous high tide line, seaweed can make your metal detector false because it may contain pockets of saltwater. 
Because the beach at high tide is less frequently searched, you may even eye ball jewelry, sunglasses or paper money washed up, which I have on many occasions. 
Being a high tide hunter lets you have the first crack at picking stuff up, detecting shallow targets washed up in the high tide line and searching the towel line. 
Another problem with going metal detecting two hours before low tide is assuming everything is in the wet sand and water, totally ignoring the high tide line and the easy to detect shallow targets washed up waiting to be found.   
Stop reading the tide charts and step outside the beach hunting box. 

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