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Friday, February 20, 2015

Go with the flow on heavily hunted beaches

When I took this photo of three designer rings, I never realized what the Rolex, Bvlgari and Cartier rings had in common.

All three rings were found because I was squeezed by the competition into searching a certain area at the beach. 
At south Florida beaches it is quite common to see several people metal detecting at the same site. 
The 18K yellow gold Rolex ring on the left, was recovered just inside the water, one of six gold rings I found in about an hour searching an eroded beach a few years back.  
Two full time beach hunters were already metal detecting at the site, one in the wet sand and the other in chest deep water. 
I went with the flow and worked the shallow water after seeing where the other guys were searching. 
The 18K white gold Bvlgari ring was another case of searching an area that other people metal detecting had no interest in searching. 
The busy Saturday morning at a tourist beach had at least twelve people searching in the water and dry sand. 
I took the wet sand and recovered two gold rings and one platinum ring, another case of going with the flow and finding jewelry. 
The 18K Cartier diamond & emerald ring was recovered at the base of a cut on an eroded beach, that had four people searching the lower beach by the water. 
I actually saw the gold ring sticking out the sand, just before waving my search coil over it. 
All of these examples of high end gold jewelry were found with people already metal detecting in the area.
Here's a few reasons why I found gold on all three occasions. 

1. I never believe I have to be the first one at the beach to find gold. 
2. I never go to the beach planning to search just one area of the beach, I can search anywhere.
3. I search areas that give me a chance of finding high end jewelry. 
4. I am not afraid of the competition
5. I use waterproof metal detectors, just in case I need to get in the water. 

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