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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stick to the jewelry hunting game plan

The story of this heavy 18K white gold ring with yellow sapphires and diamonds is in my "Hardcore Beach Hunting" guide to searching heavily hunted beaches. 

The $3600.00 ladies ring was found at a heavily hunted south Florida tourist beach a few years ago. 
I had only been in the water about 30 minutes, when five people from a local metal detecting club walked down to the lower beach, talked between themselves and watched me for about five minutes.
The five club members turned towards me and smiled as they spread out in a line in the water about 20 feet ahead of me.
The group put their headphones on and started heading in the direction they obviously knew I intended to search. 
Undeterred, I continued slowly searching in the same direction as the other water hunters,  who started to cover a lot of ground ahead. 
A couple of hours passed and they returned to the area we first saw each other,  I was still searching the same area and had not moved very far at all. 
One club member laughed and asked sarcastically if I had any luck, I just could not resist and did something I rarely do. 
I showed my finds from the previous two hours searching behind the group of water hunters, two gold rings. 
A 22K gold wedding band and the nice yellow sapphire ring, the look on the other water hunters faces made my day. 
From smiles to frowns in seconds, especially the person I was searching directly behind.
You know that must have been a long car ride home together, after I flashed the jewelry they did not detect. 
Todays blog just goes to show that high numbers of beach and water hunters in the same area is not important
Water hunting technique was a big factor that morning, slow and low got the gold as it so often does on popular tourist beaches.  
Speed will always kill your chance of detecting deep gold, walking too fast and sweeping too  fast. 
Both gold rings were whisper low tones, deep recoveries for my Minelab Excalibur with the 10-inch search coil.  
I figured there was not a lot of point in being frustrated or annoyed because other people had the same idea as me. 
I took my time and had the place to myself as the other water hunters disappeared into the distance, before returning. 
Sometimes, you do better just sticking to the jewelry hunting game plan. 

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