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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Water hunting with a mask and snorkel

Living in south Florida I see many people using metal detectors in the water, but surprisingly few people like to wear a mask and snorkel. 
I know several full time water hunters who have never worn a mask and snorkel, but I still prefer to put my head under the water when possible. 
If you can see the bottom, wearing a mask and snorkel gives you a good chance of eyeballing jewelry, coins, paper money, cellphones or cameras. 
Every year I see at least a couple of really nice pieces of jewelry before detecting them,  I caught the gold ring in this photo out of the corner of my eye. 

I took my underwater camera out and took a snap, before picking the gold ring up and putting it in my finds pouch. 
The gold ring in the photo is laying in the sand to the left of the rocks. 
On crowded tourist beaches, I believe jewelry and other valuables are exposed by people walking in the water. 
The glint of gold or silver jewelry catches your eye on a sunny day, I spotted one of the biggest gold class rings I ever found laying on a rock, one sunny morning walking with my head under the water. 
One of the best times to eyeball jewelry in the water is early in the morning, this is especially true in rocky areas.  
I have lost count of the number of people who have told me tales of finding gold chains, bracelets and underwater cameras while snorkeling at the beach. 
Wearing a mask and snorkel is perfect for people like me, who prefer to concentrate their searches to smaller areas. 
A person who likes to cover a lot of water, most probably will not have the patience to wear a mask and snorkel when water hunting. 
Another benefit to wearing a mask and snorkel is being able to recover targets easier and faster in deeper water. 
If you have good water visibility, check out the marine life and hopefully eyeball jewelry. 

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