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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Using different search patterns, or search modes over the same area

If you have been following this blog for a while or have read my latest beach or water hunting books, you will know I like to mix things up by using multiple search patterns over the same search areas.
Barely audible whisper signals using a VLF metal detector, or a slight waiver in the threshold using a pulse induction metal detector, can be deep targets on the edge of metal detecting range. 
These type of signals can easily be missed if you are not careful
This 1700s battle hatchet or trade axe, was a very deep target that I detected on Oak Island last summer using my CTX 3030 and 17 inch search coil. 

I credit the use of two different search patterns over the same area as the reason why I just caught a slight warble in my CTx 3030 threshold, alerting me to the iron artifact. 
You may be surprised to know what a difference sweeping your search coil from a different direction makes. 
Sometimes a target can be detected from one direction, but the same target cannot be detected sweeping your search coil from a different direction. 
A non ferrous target laying next to a ferrous (iron) target can sometimes only be detected using discrimination from one direction. 
If your search coil passes over the iron object first, the non ferrous target may be completely masked by the larger iron target. 
When I believe I have a good chance of recovering valuable targets on a shipwreck beach or tourist beach, I will use a little iron rejection as I search for treasure coins on shipwreck beaches or gold jewelry on tourist beaches. 
Afterwards I always search the same area using no iron rejection or discrimination. 
On multiple occasions I have recovered good targets being masked after removing ferrous objects in the same area.
I have a beautiful 1836 Seminole indian war gold coin and a big ticket platinum and diamond ring in the bank safety deposit box to prove using different search patterns or modes can be rewarding. 


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