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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Step outside the box

The mans platinum and diamond ring in this photo was found just inside the waters edge at a south Florida beach back in November 2013. 

I have noticed over the last few years that I have recovered just as many top shelf jewelry finds in the dry and wet sand, as I have in the water. 
So many nice pieces of jewelry in all areas of the beach, that I describe myself as a beach and water hunter. 
Many people prefer to just search one part of the beach, I prefer to search all three areas of the beach at my favorite jewelry hunting sites. 
Last year, my best three ladies diamond engagement rings were all recovered from the main three areas of the beach. 
Those main metal detecting areas are the dry sand, wet sand and water, now imagine how empty the wife's jewelry box would be if I only searched one area of the beach all the time?
People who only search one area of the beach, usually struggle when that one area is void of targets. 
A few days of rough surf will stop a water hunter from metal detecting, sanded in conditions with play havoc with wet sanders, cold days will deter people from going to the beach, effecting dry sanders. 
If you search all three areas of the beach, you can simply move to a different area if one or two areas are not so good. 
The morning I recovered the mans platinum and diamond ring, the dry sand and wet sand was pretty quiet. 
Moving into the water, the amount of targets increased as the sand that was pushed up onto the lower beach put targets within detecting range in the shallow water. 
There is always somewhere to search at the beach, if you are not a box hunter. 

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