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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Changing beach and water hunting tactics

I try hard not to get stuck in a rut, by trying new equipment, search techniques or searching new areas. 
Sometimes I like to us a little discrimination, other times I will use no discrimination, whatever it takes to find what I am searching for. 
I would never tell beach or water hunters to only use one search mode, one metal detector, or to hunt one way, because beaches constantly change.  
Last year I went back to using pulse induction metal detectors to help me find jewelry on tourist beaches. 
The last time I met another water hunter while using a pulse in the water, he said I was crazy digging all targets so close to shore. 
Its understandable, using a pulse induction metal detector at a tourist beach is hard work. 
In my opinion, you have to really know your beach or water hunting sites to be an effective pulse hunter. 
The $10.000.00 Tiffany & Co platinum ring with 1.5 carat rock in this photo, says yes it is a little crazy to use a pulse induction metal detector at a tourist beach.

The expensive diamond ring was found last summer using my new waterproof Minelab SDC 2300, a metal detector that is perfect for cleaning out "Honey holes" at my favorite productive tourist beaches. 
I actually rely on my local competition using the same search modes and the same search techniques at every beach.
Same place, same day detecting, same metal detector, same style, same old same old. 
Last year I recovered a large variety of finds, by taking a chance and mixing things up on the beach and in the water. 
I found many different old finds, musket balls, bronze ship spikes, colonial coppers, and cut Spanish silver. 
At tourist beaches, I recovered big ticket diamond rings, gold chains and a Spanish gold escudo pendant. 
This year I will mix it up a little more and see what else I can cross off my beach and water hunting bucket list.
Beaches are constantly changing, but many beach and water hunters do not. 

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