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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What do you see in this photo?

This is the view from behind my CTX 3030 on Sunday afternoon, maybe you see a shameless plug for a great Minelab metal detector, or the ocean and lower beach.

I saw a perfect opportunity to find gold, and I walked off this beach with three gold rings less than two hours after taking the photograph. 
I had a feeling I would find gold or silver jewelry because of that rolling surf close to shore.
If you look in the reflection on my CTX 3030 screen you can see the main part of the beach behind me.
Many people using the beach were standing inside the water getting hit by those deceivingly strong rollers. 
I hit the beach fairly late in the afternoon, and I assume by the amount of gold rings I found I timed it perfectly. 
A busy weekend of people getting hit by strong surf close to shore shaking loose jewelry and sunglasses. 
I recovered two 18K gold rings in the wet sand and one 14K gold ring in the water, an assortment of coins and several other pieces of bonus silver jewelry. 
Two different things came into play for me to find jewelry, waiting until later over the weekend to detect this beach, and knowing where jewelry was more likely to be found. 
This beach is people with straight line water hunters, who go out into deep water, search in a straight line and move onto the next beach. 
There were two people metal detecting in the dry sand when I arrived at the beach,  fortunately for me they were searching in the upper beach dry sand.
Reading the beach and water is important to both beach and water hunters, but knowing how to read people using the beach is just as important. 
When you know what to look for, you can spend more hours actually detecting targets instead of walking.
Its not how many hours you spend beach or water hunting, its what you do and recover in those hours!! 
Next weekend I am going to go beach or water hunting and I am going to find gold or silver jewelry, hopefully in a short amount of time by reading the clues to finding treasure. 
Do you still see a metal detector being held up in the air, or a valuable clue to recovering gold? 

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