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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Natural coin and jewelry traps

I did not have time to travel around looking for good spots on Sunday afternoon,  so I relied on the natural beach landscape to help me keep my gold streak alive. 
Large rocks or boulders on the lower beach act as coin and jewelry traps, the area in this photo is always a good place to find coins and jewelry. 

I took advantage of the area,  all I had to do was spend two hours digging as many targets as possible to give myself a chance of finding gold. 
Luckily for me, one 14K gold ring was trapped in the area along with a a handful of coins. 
Areas with rocks on the lower beach are not always the most popular places to swim, especially at high tide when a swimmer would have no place to come ashore or risk getting pushed up against the rocks. 
At low tide these kind of areas open up and you can find coins and jewelry, if they are close enough to populated areas. 
These kind of beaches are not heavily hunted, but they can be excellent areas to find coins and jewelry when busier beaches are sanded in. 
You can also find targets trapped in the sides of rocks, a small search coil is ideal for pin pointing targets in crevices and small pockets in rocks. 
A pair of needle nose pliers or a flat head screwdriver work really well for coin and jewelry extraction when metal detecting on and around rocks.  

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