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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trying new beaches

Hands up how many beach and especially water hunter's never try different beaches, you can all put your hands down now.
Although I have not been detecting very much this month, I am quite sure I could go to any local beach and see the same faces searching the same areas they always do.
Do not get me wrong, Im not complaining as it is useful knowing where and how the local beach and water hunters search all the time. 
I search many different beaches, so many different beaches that I gave up trying to rotate the sites. 
Increased competition for metal detecting finds does not effect me as much as the average local beach hunter, who searches the same beach like its Groundhog day. 
This is one of the reasons why I am not known to many local beach hunters,  its difficult to identify someone if they do not search the same beach every time they go metal detecting. 
Some of my favorite productive sites are at certain beaches, but I only search them when I know they are ripe for jewelry hunting.
If you are tired of seeing the same faces searching the same sites, now would be a good time to break the cycle of searching for scraps left behind by full time beach and water hunters. 
Trying new beaches is a great way to put yourself in position to recover more jewelry and coins. 
Leave over hunted beaches to groundhog hunters, who are usually too afraid to search different beaches in case they miss anything. 
You would be surprised how monkey see, monkey do, beach and water hunting has become. 
From metal detecting equipment, to settings and clothes, everyone wants to use the same stuff and search the same places the same way.
In my opinion, it is much better to try something different, think outside the box by using different equipment and search different places. 
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, simply by exploring and trying new things.
I would much rather search a beach I have never detected and strike out, than join the competition on a heavily hunted beach.
Scroll down my Facebook wall and look at the platinum, gold and silver rewards from thinking outside the box as a beach and water hunter. 
Here is a shot of over four ounces of gold jewelry found earlier in the year,  five total beach and water hunting hours over two different hunts.

There was not another beach or water hunter in sight,  which is probably the reason I find gold at these unsexy beaches that other people rarely bother to search. 

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