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Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend beach and water hunting tips

Going back to my previous blog,  if you are a weekend warrior and use the three Rs of treasure hunting you should now be ready to find jewelry and coins.


Research your local beaches to find out where you are more likely to find jewelry and coins, if the beach conditions are in your favor.  
There is a reason why you cannot beat experienced local beach hunter's to jewelry and coins during prime beach hunting conditions. 
They know their local beaches, and know the best sites to search on those beaches, making it very difficult for you to compete if you have little local knowledge of the same beach. 
Are you going to search a beach you know this weekend, or are you going to travel to another beach you are not familiar with and hope to get lucky?


Keep on top of your local beaches, know what signs to look for on the beach or in the water, it will increase you chances of finding jewelry and coins.  Beach and water reading skill's are very important parts of beach recon,  they allow you to narrow your search instead of walking along the beach just hoping to put your search coil over something good.
I am always scouting out new beach and water hunting sites, taking note of the beach conditions, and comparing the previous conditions to present conditions on my next visit to the same site.
When you walk onto a beach this weekend, will you know where to search first? 


A beach or water hunter should already know their metal detector is capable of finding any kind of jewelry or coins.  In other words, you have confidence that you are using the correct treasure hunting equipment.
Do you have total confidence in your choice of metal detector? 

This weekend you are far more likely to be successful with your metal detector,  if you know the beach, know how to narrow down your search, and use a good metal detector correctly.
If you mainly do your beach or water hunting over the weekend,  use the other five days of the week to plan ahead.
Check out beach webcams, visit a couple of local beaches if you can, charge your metal detector batteries,  test various targets similar to what you are searching for,  prepare to make the most of your weekend treasure hunting opportunity ahead of time.

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