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Monday, August 11, 2014

Full moon gold hunting

I often do quite well for gold jewelry on the beach and in the water when its a full moon. 
If you are a wet sander, there is always a lot more lower beach exposed during the full moon. 
Super low full moon tides, also allow water hunter's to get much further out into the water than normal, this weekend was no exception. 
Timing my water hunt on Saturday, I was able to get out on the low tide into an area that was previously only accessible to swimmers. 
This 18K gold chain with John Hardy silver & Onyx bamboo cross was probably lost by a swimmer, maybe cooling off after playing beach volleyball?

Many water hunters in my area like to plod around in the shallows, even on a full moon low tide.
I saw three other people with flap hats and extended metal detector straight straight shafts searching close to shore on Saturday. 
They probably never saw me because I was so far out, wearing a weight belt, with only my snorkel visible. 
This is something I like to do in calm seas, when you can metal detect safely offshore.
My SDC 2300 may be a little heavy in the wet sand but the weight comes in handy when water hunting. 
The further away from shore you metal detect, the less trash you will find, so why not use a waterproof pulse induction metal detector and dig all metal targets. 
If you do not have a waterproof pulse induction metal detector, put your VLF in all metal mode and dig everything.   
Gold and silver chains, class rings and watches, are some of the heavier items of jewelry lost by swimmers in deeper water. 
Your choice of scoop is very important when searching in deeper water, a heavy long handled stainless steel scoop is much better than a lightweight aluminum scoop, especially when "Tippy toe" water hunting. 
You do not need the hassle of a lightweight aluminum scoop basket moving with the water current over the target area as you prepare to press your foot down on the back of the scoop basket.
I also found a large quantity of coins, several pieces of silver jewelry and a cellphone in a waterproof case out in the deeper water, again more than likely lost by swimmers.
The amount of finds I recovered told me that the deeper water at this local beach had not been detected for a while. 
I only had one shot at metal detecting this weekend, and for me the full moon low tide water hunting was my best chance to find gold. 
The next time you get a chance to go water hunting on a full moon, take advantage of the extra water hunting real estate, go look for gold lost by swimmers in an area that  is normally off limits to shallow water hunters. 

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